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Anyone need an extension for transcripts?

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I am pretty nervous because Queen's phone lines aren't open and I haven't had any email responses from them. One of my in-person classes has been delayed due to COVID and I am wondering if Queens will extend the deadline for transcript submission because this is outside of my control. I come from a unique background and I've already completed an undergraduate degree as well as Master's degree, so I meet the minimum requirements. Has anyone heard back from Queens about extending their final transcript deadline??

I emailed them on Wednesday and had followed up with them today. I also left a voicemail but I'm not sure if they are checking these. My situation is complicated because I would need to know by the offer deadline (May 25), as I have an offer at Mac and they don't require me to submit final transcripts, yet Queen's is by far my first choice.

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2 hours ago, MDWoman said:

I don’t go to queens, but I’m just wondering if you meet the minimum requirements can’t you just submit your transcripts thus far and be eligible to qualify for Queens med? 

I'm in a program that won't give me credits for the winter 2020 semester if I don't complete this in-person clinic course. I should honestly be eligible, but the offer still says it's conditional that we receive winter 2020 credits unfortunately

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1 hour ago, MCattt said:

For anyone requiring deadline accommodations in the future, Queens has been understanding with their response today. Looking forward to joining the med class this fall! 

I’m glad you were able to sort everything out!! 

Are you going to be rejecting your Mac offer then? Also, what campus did you get at Mac?

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