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Carleton vs. uOttawa

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I am currently a grade 12 student with the goal of getting accepted into medical school. I am still deciding what program I should take next year. I'm thinking Biomedical sciences at uOttawa, but Carleton has a Biomedical and Electrical engineering program which also seems like a good choice because it may have better job prospects, in case I do not get into med school. I would greatly appreciate any advice from students who have taken either of these programs.

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I recently graduated from uOttawa in biomed and I really enjoyed the program. After the first 2 years you have a lot of electives so you can take courses you are really interested in. I was able to take a lot of physiology courses. Engineering courses are typically tougher and harder to get higher grades in, but I do have friends who took mechanical engineering at uOttawa and are now in medical school. Getting a job with just a biomed degree is pretty hard, but you can always do a masters or something after (e.g. MPH, epidemiology, etc) if you decide medical school is not in your cards/decide to not apply. I am currently taking my MPH at uOttawa and applying to medical school.

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Dosent matter which uni, but as others mentioned that program will be much harder. Biomed / health sciences one of the easiest. Don’t let that discourage you, if you’re smart, go for it (personally I applied to engineering too but opted for biomed), with the caveat that gpa is almost everything for med applications

good Luck

Mr duck 

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