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Comparing Israel vs Ireland Medical Schools

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I am a master's student who is interested in applying to medical school. While it is my goal to gain admission into a Canadian Medical School, I do not have the Cars score. My overall GPA is 3.9; however, my MCAT is 509 with a 124 Cars. This was my third time rewriting. In my first two attempts, I got 125 on cars but a lower overall score - not sure what happened on the latest test as I was averaging 122-127 in cars, it happens :(.
Due to my low Cars score, I do not think I have a great chance anywhere besides Ottawa. Therefore I am looking at international schools. Specifically, I have heard that Ireland medical schools and Israel medical schools are well established international schools. I have heard that while it is more difficult, people have been able to come back to Canada.
I am looking at all Ireland medical schools and 3 Israel schools - Sackler, Technion, and Ben Gurion. Does anyone know which schools are better recognized and will give me the best chance to come back to Canada? I have heard more people coming back from Ireland, but I also know more people that went there. On the other hand, those 3 Israel schools are affiliated with New York Medical schools.
Please let me know! Thanks :)

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