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MMI - PT vs Med

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When I practiced for my MMI a few years ago, I did A LOT of medical related question. Even if it is not PT specific you can still gain a lot from practicing both med and PT type questions. I think the biggest thing you can get from it is your ability to formulate your thoughts in a concise manner and being able to communicate it. I highly highly recommend practicing medical related questions because it will force you to think of the multiple different perspectives to a question/scenario and the benefits and cons of each perspective -> and the rippling affect is has on the other aspects related to it(this is the most important aspect of a typical MMI that I think you can benefit from). If you can train yourself to start practicing like this with any type of question given to you (doesn't even have to be medial or PT related), you will be extremely prepared for any type of question they might ask you. I would often have some friends just ask me a general scenerio type question and I would answer each question the same way (what is the main question they are asking, what are the different parties involved, what are the major different perspectives, the pros and cons, the affect it has on other aspects of the scenario and so on...). Start practicing like this and you will be golden!


Best of luck!

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