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How much time/break do we get between med school and residency?

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I might need a surgery which would require at least 2 weeks of rest. I was wondering if the time between finishing medicine and starting residency would be a good time to get the surgery done. If it makes any difference, I'm at a 3 year school (McMaster) so I can't fit it in during med school

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Looks like McMaster convo is usually late May. Between end of May and July 1 you have 4 weeks, which in theory should work.

But in case of surgical complications or unforeseen delay in surgery, might be risky.

Also how confident are you that you will recover well enough to start residency on full steam.

But then again when u start residency it's very hard to get more than 2 weeks off as vaca, unless you plan to take a more prolonged LOA for medical reasons.

Bit of gamble either way, no correct answer here, you have to weigh pro and cons.

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