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Physiatry/PM&R Earning Potential & Private Work

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Cross-posted from general med student discussions forum

I'm interested in pursuing physiatry but one thing that I'm unsure of is the earning potential in the specialty. I also have competing interests in family medicine and, from a pragmatic standpoint, I'm not sure how I feel about pursuing a 5-yr program if the earning potential is less than that of a 2-yr FM program and capitation-based model (i.e. FHO in Ontario). Does anyone have any insights into income and ability to scale it in PM&R? Would appreciate any input!

I would most likely split my time between inpatient rehab, outpatient sports med, and private medicolegal work. Would also appreciate any insights into coming by private work as a physiatrist as well!

(Obligatory disclaimer: I know money is not the be all and end all when picking specialties but if I'm equally interested in PM&R and FM in terms of the specialties, I would want to make an informed decision regarding other factors such as income)

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I can only speak for the situation in Quebec but I would expect this to be applicable to most provinces. Basically:

- MSK earns more than rehab (botox and well-run EMG clinics with techs would be exceptions, but you normally wouldn't spend more than a couple days/week doing those)

- MSK with procedures earns more than MSK without procedures

- Fluoroscopy-guided injections pay the most

For the rest, the earning potential really depends on what you do. Obviously, if you take an hour for new patients and 30-40 minutes per follow-up, you'll earn less than if you take 30-40 minutes per new patients and 15-20 minutes for follow-ups. You'll earn more if you work 5 days a week and if you take a half or full day off/week. You'll earn more if you take less vacation. Etc.

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Ontario PMR here. 

Both PMR and Family are very heterogeneous in what people do/practice style. Billing models also  strongly influence earning. Many many variables. 

Very rarely will you hear a PMR say they made a mistake by going into PMR (lifestyle, earning, enjoyment, fulfillment, etc).

You can earn very well in both programs (PMR or family). Depends on your funding model and or if you are fee per service in a high volume place... or doing EMG.... 

Specific to your question..kinda... A PMR doing the same thing as a Family Sports doc - PMR gets paid more because of the fee codes in fee per service.


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