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Canadian matched to the US for residency- ask me anything!

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Hi all,

I am a Canadian citizen, undergrad in Canada and studied medicine outside of North America, recently matched to residency in the US. Going abroad for medicine can be a challenging decision especially if you don't have much guidance. Here to answer any questions for anyone considering this path.

I also offer consulting service and admission/match prep- feel free to dm me if you would like personalized advice.

Good luck!

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Hi mdapp,

Congratulations on your match. I hope it is going well. I have been trying to get into school in Canada but have not had luck. I recently got accepted to medical schools in Australia and am now considering this path to a medical career. I was hoping you could give some insight on the prospects of matching back to Canada or the US as an Australian IMG (I assume you studied in Australia from past comments you made). What was the process like? How did you go about securing placements/rotations in the US ahead of the match? What is the situation around securing internships in Australian hospitals as a Canadian student in Australia? Also do you have any insights on what medical school in Australia would best position me for residency in North America? I am leaning towards UQ, given its association with UQ-Ochsner and more support for USMLE Step 1 but would appreciate your thoughts.


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