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Significant reduction in number of radiology residency positions this year

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Have heard staff talking today about how there will likely be a significant reduction in the number of radiology residency this year due to AIs like chatgpt coming out. A lot of older radiologists in power are advocating for this to protect their own billings before retirement since radiology billing codes will go down drastically with AI doing 99% of the work. Might be a 50% or greater reduction in positions but was told to expect a major statement later this fall from AFMC and CaRMS.

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  • jax changed the title to Significant reduction in number of radiology residency positions this year
14 hours ago, Aslidoctor said:

fear mongering to get less people to apply. nice try.

100%. It's a new account too, so probably someone who has been commenting here on their main. Privated his account so you can't see all his posts/comments but if you look around you can see the posts and comments he's made lmao. Imagine being so delusional that you think doomposting on a forum will actually discourage any number of ppl from applying to a specialty. Hope he's working on his interview skills or that insecurity is gonna shine right through. 

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Lmao, this somehow got posted right after CaRMS released data about this past cycle.  The spots to applicants ratio for rads has gone from 0.90 in 2021 to 0.74 in 2022 and 0.63 in 2023. Rads is getting much more competitive, both here and in the US.

You'd think with all the doom and gloom that OP is spewing, folks wouldn't be lining up to do it. OP probably got spooked and starting fear mongering when he saw it tightening.

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