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Completing Multiple Internal Medicine Subspecialties

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Hey everyone, 

Wanted to know if you heard of any licensed physician in Canada having done this in their career.

Is it possible to complete two Royal College subspecialties at different points in your career?

Like for example, say I choose the GIM/ICU route now, then 10-15 years from now I decide that I want something different in life, can I apply to Cardiology, for example and complete a second fellowship and reinvent my career?

Have you heard of anyone doing this?


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In short, yes. 

Long answer, depends on the fellowship of interest. Look up the program description for the various MSM specialities on CaRMS. You'll notice that most specify whether or not this is possible.

For example, ICU accepts most Royal College specialities in their final year of training. I have commonly see people complete various IM fellowships and then go into ICU ex. Cardio -> ICU, ID -> ICU, 5 year GIM -> ICU etc

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