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Urology residency program for IMG

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Hi everyone, I have a few questions, and I hope someone can answer them for me!

First, I am an IMG student planning to pursue Urology in Canada.

I am looking for a center that has a great environment and wellness for residents, excellent surgery exposure and teaching, and excellent research programs.

How much do I have to score in the part 1 exam? What are the things that increase my chances?

If I want to do an elective this summer, where should I go?

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It is extremely difficult to get into any surgical specialty as an IMG. Realistically speaking, your chances are mostly FM, and maybe IM. I do not recommend that you gear up your CV and electives towards urology because the chances of you getting accepted are extremely low, unless you have tons of research in urology, at which point I would say it would be okay to try. It is more than just getting a high score on your LMCC. You need research, electives, connections, and then most people still go unmatched (even CMG's). Use your elective in FM. That is a much better investment of your limited elective time.

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As an IMG, you would need as high of an MCCQE score as possible, urology research, excellent letters, etc. to maximize your chances. Even then, it is very difficult. This year there were 2 urology spots in all of Canada for the IMG stream and 1 in the regular stream (which you'll be competing against CMGs for). 

If you are passionate about urology, I would consider writing the USMLEs and applying to the US as well. While it's also competitive over there, you may have a chance if you score well on Step 2 and have a lot of urology research. I would also suggest planning for a back-up in case things don't work out. Perhaps you can apply for a less competitive surgical specialty with more spots, such as general surgery.

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