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to get a fell for the current class check here

Guest ssup

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For all of you prospective U of A med students who want a feel for the diversity of the current med class, I suggest you check the following link:




I know that getting a feel for the class was a deciding factor when I was picking between med schools so I'm hoping that the brief bios of the students here will persuade you all that U of A is the best!!!

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Great idea ssup! And in addition to that, I know there have been rumours about U of A and being cliquey etc, and I just want to say that our class is awesome!!! Feel free to ask us any questions.....

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cliquey? u of a? u gotta be kidding me...


alright here's an unbiased (well as objective as possible)perspective from a current u of a med student who has a sis in ubc med and a best friend at u of t med:


compared to most other schools, are class is surprisingly NOT-cliquey. In all honesty, I don't think you've met as welcoming a bunch anywhere else. For example, whenever there's a party or a get together, even for the most trivial of things (ex. watching a football game or going for a movie), we send out an e-mail to the entire class with all the information so that everyone is welcome!


You'll notice in class that there are very few people who always sit together...there's a great deal of mixing and mingling going on.


Furthermore, we have well-being reps (shout out to fox!) who are always organizing potlucks, games nights, class trips...you name it.


On top of that, we have a social committee who sponsor parties after exams plus parties for events like halloween etc.


In all honesty, having visited other med schools and compared notes with friends at different schools, I think we at U of A are really fortunate to have such a great bunch.


If you want a feel for the amount of fun that you can have in med, just check our class pics so





I just hope you all keep that in mind when it comes time to picking med schools (for those of you who should be so fortunate)...U of A is an incredibly welcoming and warm place to spend your 4 yrs...


Any Qs?....happy to answer them.



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thanks bighead,


i would've never noticed that had you not mentioned it...what a smart cookie you are! Well as much as we tease you about having slipped through the cracks (with that big head nonetheless), you definitely showed us that they let YOU in to med school for a reason, didn't you? Congratulations on your astronomical discovery of my spelling error...you must be so proud!




P.S. For all of you wondering if we're always this kind towards one another, I do know bighead...however, if asked to confirm this in public, I may deny it! OUCH!

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