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Need Advice/Opinions for UBC and other schools

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hi everyone

so i just got my BSc in Biochem from UBC. I applied in my fourth year (this past nov) for UBC dental but i didn't get an interview; i did fill out a very poor application, my marks weren't that great and my DAT not so great.


I rewrote the DAT

reading .......17

bio.............. 22

chem ..........30

science avg ..25

academic avg 23

percep .........20

carving ........30


GPA 81.5 (worst year dropped 82.5)


this year will be dedicated to making $$$, having some fun, volunteering and getting more experience (shadowing).


My problem: Im afraid of getting a research job (which pays the best for me) since it might look like im not serious about dentistry... i really need to know what you guys think!!!


also for those of you who took/(will take) a year off before dental, what did you do?

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Hi Sman,


Did you go and talk to someone in the admissions office at UBC?? Your stats are really good... I applied this year and was accepted by UBC. I suggest you go and ask for your percentiles in each section and see what didnt go so well. I haven't taken a year off and cant answer your question. However, I know of people who worked at jobs that had nothing to do with having a degree from university and are in 4th year at UBC now. I dont think UBC really cares what you do but thats just my opinion, I can be very wrong?!?!


good luck


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Dood! Other than your reading section your DAT scores are VERY GOOD! You beat me on every section other than reading and I got accepted to UBC this year and my GPA for UBC (i.e. worst year dropped) of 83.4% was only slightly better than yours :confused: . Did you give them all the documents they needed?! Maybe something got lost, because it seems like you should have at least gotten an interview. Like DMD006 suggested you should really talk to the admissions people about your application. Good luck

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I think those dat scores are from feb '07 and not nov '06 which would've been after his application for class of '11


I think when you re-apply you're gonna be fine sman ...i suggest you do something productive rather than "just" work. gain a valuable experience or move up professionally.


It's personal as to what you want to do. From my experience, I wasn't sure what I wanted to when I finished undergrad, so I chose to pursue a master's to gain experience in research and also spend some time away from school to decide what I really wanted to do. I got paid, got a degree and got some valuable experience interacting with many different kinds of people. In the end, it was a time commitment -> 2 academic years but, I can say that I have learned a lot.


My advice to you would be to try and really use this time away from books and lectures to enhance your skills in what you deem to be most suitable for yourself.


My 0.02

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thanks for the replies, advice and opinions guys, i appreciate it.


as mkmkhan pointed out, those DAT score are from feb 07, my nov 06 scores were not as good as the feb 07 ones.

I think for now i'll continue job shadowing and get a pharmaceutical/biotech job for the experince, $$$, and social env (and maybe tutor on the side). I have also booked an appointment to see the dental advisors to discuss my options and application.


Again thanks, and if you have anymore opinions, suggestions or advice im all ears, and would appreciate it.




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