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Hi everyone,


Does anyone have any information on how Queens conducts interviews, that is how long are they usually, do they ask more personal questions rather than ethics based ones, or definitions. Just wondering b/c i think the interview part is the most nerve-wracking part of the application process. Any specific/general questions that ppl encountered in their queens interviews?


Any insight would be very helpful, thanks...

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Sure do.


You are interviewed by 3 people, a physician, a 2nd year medical student, and a community member. They ask a few questions, try to get to know you, and ummm interview you.:rolleyes:


Seriously, it is like any other interview you have ever been on, except the people who are interviewing you are more concerned with who you are, then what your qualifications are. The computer does that part, what we (I interviewed people this past year) wanted to know was


Would you make a good physician - part of the reason a physician is interviewing.


Would you fit in with the class, since you are all in this together and are collegues from then on - part of the reason the student is there


Would people actually want you/like you as their physician - community member (which we all were).


I understand they are stressful, especially based on the fact that you have posted this like 8 months before interviews are conducted, but seriously, they are what you make of it. If you just go in there, and understand that the sole purpose of the interview is for people to get to know you, and you aren't expected to get any "right answers" (because there aren't any), you'd do fine. The people who I thought did the best job were the ones who were relaxed, seemingly honest, and went with the flow. They had an idea of what they wanted to say for some questions, but nothing came across as rehearsed. In the end, it was a conversation.


Hope this helps, and my advice, since this is your second post about the interview in the past few days, is don't even think about it now. The less you do, the better you'll likely do.

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