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Questions for current UT dent students

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Hey, this is for current dental students at UT. I just have a few questions about the curriculum and I was wondering if someone who's in dental school there now could answer them for me. It'd be great if you could PM me. Thanks!! :)


Why do you want to know about the curriculum at UofT?

Are you hoping it will help you with the interview?

Or are you considering not going to UofT if you hear something you don't like?


On a related note, I would also like to hear from current UofT students on their experiences, I've heard bad things about the faculty and the competitive nature of the school....

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the best thing to do guys is to contact recent graduates of UofT dents.......the students that goto UofT right now still think that UofT is the greatest thing since sliced bread, so their opinions may be biased to the extreme.......but they have never been in the real world yet.


For instance, if people ask me about my dental school, my advice now would not be the same as when I was a student there....now that I am in the "real" world sorta speak.....


When I went on residency interviews, I met a lot of UofT graduates, and not one that I met spoke highly of their school.....in fact, all except 2 of them told me that they had regretted going there.....


but dont take it from me........find out for yourself.


Its true you definitely want the best dental education you can get, but remember in the end, a dental degree is a dental degree no matter where it came from

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@ nanospeed: sorry, i didn't want to make it sound like i was trying to keep information away from everyone, i just thought it might be easier to PM than to keep posting and reposting on the discussion board


@Contach: I just want to know in case I'm lucky enough to get the chance to decide between schools :P I've heard some bad things about UT too but it's mainly been about the experience so I wanted to know if the curriculum was similar to other schools. If it turns out UT really is bad then I probably will take that into account but then again, if that's the only school I get into then I'll be going anyway. Not going to say no to dentistry!


@Dr. Badvibes: Unfortunately, I don't know any graduates of UT dent...does anyone else here?


So anyway, here are my questions:

1) I've heard that UT teaches mainly through theory so I was wondering when students get to work on the dummy heads, and when they move on to real patients?

2) Have there been any recent changes to the curriculum/school itself that non-students might not know of?

3) This might be a long shot and not so much about curriculum as experience, but has anyone transferred between UT and Western and can compare the two? I ask these two specifically because I've heard that they're almost opposites in their teaching methods (i.e. theory vs. hands on work), so it'd be nice to have that rumour put to rest.

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