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So I'm going to be transfering up to U of A next year after attending Medicine Hat College for 2 years. I'm accepted into Neuroscience at the moment, but there's a few problems:


1) 2 of the classes are already full (should gone for conditional acceptance haha)

2) Due to rearranging the schedule I'll be taking at least 2 courses as corequisites instead of prerequesites, as long as that pans out


So, since I'm not even sure if I wanna do Neuro (we didn't have any neuro courses at the college, just a cognitive/perception psych class) I was thinking of switching majors.


So anyways... has anyone taken pharmacology up at the U of A (or anywhere I guess) and was it enjoyable? Were the classes similar to biochem/organic classes?


Any input is very much appreciated :)

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Guest rpuff

I took PMCOL 201 and 202 last year

201 is really easy intro stuff

202 is more challenging, but SO interesting once you get past the G-proteins section and very very applicable. Although do not take it unless you are registered in PHYSL 210 or 212/214 at the time or have taken an equivalent, it demands a lot of background knowledge from physiology.

There was very little information related to ochem, some to biochem

PMCOL 305 is a class called drugs of abuse and I've heard it's one of the most enjoyable for undergrad. Little prereq and you get a fantastic prof.


Personally, I would suggest if you aren't sure about Neuro to not commit yourself to an honors degree.. the courses are very strict with little room for flexibility. If there is room in the higher level courses and you have good grades in the prereq courses you can often sneak in.

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well i just finished my 3rd year of a pharmacology major... and i can tell you: 2nd year (PMCOL 201 & 202) is enjoyable with 202 being a big jump from 201 but will help you in the transition to 343 and 344... 201 is more of a fun intro course and is pretty easy too


3rd year was alright... 305 was a pretty fun course but may be hard to beat the curve (the class average was about 85 this past year).. 343 and 344 was just massive amounts of information thrown at you and the averages were pretty brutal


from what ive been told about people who have completed the program... 4th year is by far the easiest just because you arent really memorizing and regurgitating drug names and facts as much as in 2nd/3rd year...


ps. if the classes you need to take for your degree are full, just talk to the department that administers the course because you are guaranteed a spot in them :D

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Wow thanks for the replies! Yeah I figured that maybe going into a honors program might not be the best. Although I think I would find the final project interesting it sounds as though they can be GPA killers.


I think I would find learning different drugs and such very interesting. I'm more or less worried about there being lots of structures and pathways to memorize (that brings back bad memories of BCHEM 200 haha). I'll let you guys know what I decide on though.


I was looking at Immunology too, as I really enjoyed IMIN 200 at the college. Bah just too much to figure out.

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