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OK, basic rules for you and anyone else who might wanna join:


1) You need 10 points to win a game


2) The simplest way to get points is to build settlements and cities


3) To build a road, one needs 1 brick, 1 lumber


4) To build a settlement, one needs 1 brick, 1 lumber, 1 sheep, 1 wheat


5) To build a city, you need 3 ores, 2 wheats (you get 2 points for a city)


6) You must have a settlement before you can build a city in that spot


7) You need to have at least 2 roads between every city/settlement


8) You start the game with 2 settlements and 2 roads (1 road per settlement), so pick a good spot to put your settlements


9) When a dice is rolled, if your settlement is next to a spot with the same #, you get that resource. If your city is there, you get 2 of that resource.




These are the very basics, there are other things, but they are a bit less important and can be learned once the basics are mastered.


It might sound hard, but NewfieMike got it all down in his first game.

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