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Ottawa vs TO

Guest mtws

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This is a little off topic but chalk it up for the 'distraction' category:


Darcy Tucker needs help!

And, Tie Domi plays like a teen and needs to grow up.



Ex-closet-Leaf-fan from Ottawa


P.S. I hope we do meet in the playoffs again, and Ottawa sweeps the series.

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Guest UWOMED2005

Wow - Domi on Arvedson was pathetic. Domi's got heart, too bad he has no hockey skills or any brains. Oh well, the leafs just gave Ottawa lots of powerplays.

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Guest medicator007

Being a lifelong Habs fan I only analyze that game based purely on hockey, rather than team loyalties.


I second UWOMED2005's point, though I don't know if "Heart" is necessarily a word I would choose to describe Mr. Domi.


Beyond that, I am absolutely disgusted at Darcy Tucker's actions.... seems all he is really good at as of late is garnering multi-game suspensions from the league office.


I think it all that needed to be said could be discerned if you saw Sundin and Roberts' faces at the end of the game. Actions such as was demonstrated in that game are part of the reason that the Leafs get such a bad reputation in the league.


Just my two cents....


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For some reason we dish stuff out at Domi for his hit on Arvedson.... DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE HIT ALFREDSON GAVE TUCKER LAST YEAR? No penalty, no call, nothing.


For you sens fans, don't be sad that TO had to eliminate your team 4 (or 5... can't even remember) from the playoffs. You do well in the regular season, but have no chance come TO Playoff time.


With Nolan..... Well, just wait and see.


Go Leafs Go.

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