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About 3 months ago I applied to 2 labs for summer volunteering. One got back to me immediately and is the one I'm at right now, and the other one just replied YESTERDAY asking if I'd like to interview. I am very interested in the area of research of the second lab, since it's more related to my grad program of interest (MPH) plus it seemed like its P.I is very well-known in her field, so I was really disappointed that I got no reply.


I would try to volunteer at both labs except I'm doing full-day volunteering at the hospital on the weekdays when I'm not at the lab. I consider myself lucky since I got placed into a very small department and it's also somewhat related to public health. If I quit the hospital now I'm not sure if I would have the chance to go back to that placement plus the lack of commitment on my part would look bad. Especially if I want to return to that placement later on.


The best thing seems like to go to the interview for this lab anyway but that's wasting everyone's time when I'm not really available to volunteer. But I really want to get into this lab.


Any advice on how to make the best of this situation? Much appreciated.


EDIT: If it makes any difference I don't think I have a shot at getting a research position at the lab I'm currently at since the lab does not have the money to hire students without any scholarships/financial aid, and my grades are not competitive enough to get any scholarships. I may have a shot at doing a research project with her/work study if she decides I'm competent enough. I love this lab because my P.I genuinly want to train me and there is very little 'lab slaving' involved in my current position.

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