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Changing a degree

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Hey guys its been a long time since i have posted anything here. Been really busy with school and ec's and such. I have a question in regards to degree changing and med school.


Currently i am in U of T doing a degree in Psychology and Exceptionality in Human learning. I recently decided that the other major did not interest me and in fact i wasn't allowed to do it due to too many courses overlapping. I either have to take courses that are only for that degree or i cant do it. The problem is that those courses do not interest me. So i have decided to do something which i always thought to do, and that was to get into mangement. So that means i have to take courses that start from the 100 level all the way up to the 400 level. Yes this adds extra time, but i believe its well worth it especially if med school doesn't work out. Now the problem is i am in third year taking 5.0 Credits. I am going to be in school for another 2 years and a half semester, with me taking 5.0 credits each year. I want to drop some of the extra courses which i do not need to take, so i can focus on certain courses and do well in them. I am not sure how me dropping a credit will actually affect my med school application. How will med schools look at this when i have another 2 years to go. I currently have 8.5 credits and to graduate i will need 20 credits. I plan to take about 4.0-4.5 credits, so at the end i will hv approximately (depending on the amount of credits i take) 12.5-13 credits at the end of this year. Could someone please explain to me how this will work if i plan to do this? Is this advisable? Thank you in advance

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