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Starting this whole process

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Hello premed forums. I am a grade 12 student..I know I seem to be worrying too early but thats just me. I have been accepted to the undergraduate program of my choice (science at mac) and wanted to get some advice on the whole process of applying to med school before hand.


-Is there anything you guys wished you knew BEFORE entering a "pre-med" program?


-When is a good time to study for the MCAT or to start studying?....although I might not have the background yet, the verbal questions do not really require a much of a background, so when should I start those? Practice sis key in everything for me so the earlier I start the more practice i will get.


Any other regrets?


All the help would be greatly appreciated :)

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Get involved in things on campus that interest you -teams, associations, student council, etc.

Don't let your grades drop, you can fix everything else (work on EC's later, rewrite mcat, etc) but your GPA is really hard to repair once it's been damaged.

Have fun and enjoy yourself. Sure you may be motivated for and fixated on medicine, but don't forget to enjoy the present ( I need to take this advice myself, easier said than done).

All the best!

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