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Alberta/Canada student loans


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Well, I have no savings, no income, and no contribution from anyone other than myself, so I imagine I was given the maximum award given my estimated expenses.


I was initially awarded $9,030 in Canada loans and $19,900 in Alberta loans, plus a $2,500 federal low income grant for a total of $31,430.


My total award was then reduced to $28,950 because I didn't meet my expected contribution. They didn't tell me whether that comes out of the Alberta or the federal loans.


I will be attending UWO where the tuition is around 18k - if the U of A tuition or estimated costs are radically different than for UWO, you might also get something different than I did based on that.

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That is interesting!


When I look at my application, it shows a students finance assessment of $29k, but only $22 was given, and it said I had hit provincial maximums. I'm going to call tomorrow.


Thanks for the heads up!

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