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Multiple MCAT harm?


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Do any medical schools take the average of your multiple MCAT attempts or anything similar that will be disadvantageous for people with multiple scores?


I'm registered to write the MCAT in 2 weeks (drop deadline passed), and I'm debating whether to void it and write it next year. The reason I'm asking is that I am planning to apply this year and need an MCAT. So if I don't get accepted this year and write the MCAT a second time next year, as long as I improve my MCAT score, would there be repercussions from this year's MCAT?


I'm looking for UBC especially, but of course I'd like to know about other schools. Sorry if this has been asked already!

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As far as I know, what Daniel said is correct. However, if you are stressed about it, it would be advantageous for you to do some research at the schools that you are interested in.


Further, http://www.afmc.ca/pdf/2011AdBk.pdf is really helpful.


Also, if you are looking at Ontario , http://www.ouac.on.ca/omsas/ usually has good information, however, it is in the process of being updated for the new cycle.

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