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Where should I go?


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So, I'm taking this year off after undergrad. Recently I am given the option of either doing some average volunteer work (nothing more than paper work and vital signs) here in Toronto at a fairly good hospital, OR doing some VERY involved work (the doctor I would be working with practically said that I would be given the chance to do/observe/help with everything a doctor would do except writing prescriptions) at a hospital in China. If all other things considered equal, I think the opportunity in China sounds more promising. Even if it wouldn't improve myself that much on paper (due to reasons mentioned below), it would be tremendous help in preparing for my future medical studies just because of the level of involvement I would get there.


However, I have two major concerns:


1) Although the hospital is one of the best there is, I don't know what the adcom will think when they look at the fact it's a Chinese hospital. Would they still consider it as legit experience?


2) The healthcare system in China is very different from that in Canada. It's a private system and I would say it's very similar to that in the States.


I need your guys' opinions on this. Thanks!:)

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I'd stay unless of course you really want to go see China.


General rule: if its too good to be true it generally is.


anything's possible in china.. when you have $$ and know the right people.


Going to china might not be such a bad idea. My friend in McMaster Medicine spent a few weeks in a Shanghai hospital during her 2nd year of med at Mac. I'm not quite sure what she did there, but she was able to see the major differences in the two healthcare systems. The experience may or may not translate to any experiences in Canada, but you can use it to your advantage.

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