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is $400 worth...

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It's not worth it IMO. The time you spend guaranteeing that you get an A+ in that course would be much better spent studying for another MCAT, or being immersed in self-reflection in preparation for the interview. Don't forget the AGPA is only worth 15%, so really you are only boosting your score by a very small amount.

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Although it is a common theme among premeds,


I personally don't like it when people do it... just cause, pls let's not argue :)



But yeah i'm not sure about UofM how much it would help you.


$400 seems a lottt and if your MCAT score has room to improve, it might be better saving that money to study for the MCAT and improve.


One point improvement in the MCAT is probably worth greater than a 0.04 improvement in GPA



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