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Skype MMI/Conversations in 2012


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Hey guys!!


I know there is another post about someone wanting to do something similar in november but I want to start in january.


My idea is to have some Back and Forth conversations about medical issues or anything in the world just to practice talking. (I don't need practice talking or anything like that I just have few people I can have engaging conversations with since most of my friends are unaware of world issues)


Then to also have some True MMI type practice (2 minutes of thinking about the question given then 8 minutes of talking about it)


I feel this will be benificial for all parties because you would be able to take the role of a interviewer & interviewee.


If interested Post your email (Instead of @ use a @_ or something like that to avoid bots that search for emails)


Or if you are not comfortable posting your email just PM it to me and I will get this organized for early January.


The more people the better!!



A mic

A webcam

To be able to devote a short time weekly to this mmi prep!




See you all in January!!! :)

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Ok so right now including me we have 5 people! So far I am just adding all of your email's into a group so that when the time comes we can get things started. My email is haseebr @_ gmail.com (replace the @_ with just an @) so email me if you have any questions or ideas or just send me a msg on here!!

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Sorry for not getting these up sooner guys. Since this is just the conversations phase of the meetings we will just be discussing broad topics. Don't worry about only discussing the questions that I wrote for each topic, these are just there for getting started if you have nothing to go with. Just remember these are all for back and forth conversations and group chats, not for mock MMI scenarios. Mock MMI will come in time.



Topic 1 20 min : For the Skype group chat.. for this session it will just be a typed conversation


Liberal Party of Canada votes to legalize marijuana.. what are your thoughts and feelings about this issue? Are you for it or against it? Would you ever prescribe it or is it a big no no .. etc.




Topic 2 20 min : Skype partner 1 (video/audio)


What are the implications of these types of findings? Would it have been possible without technology (computers) ? , how does this change your views about autistic patients?,


Topic 3 20 min: Skype partner 2 (video/audio) (sorry for those in the u of s pre med group discussions, I think it would be good to have a bit of repeats and see different peoples views as well)


Case Study: A woman arrives in the ER with life threatening injuries. After a myriad of surgeries it becomes clear that the woman will not recover. It is your responsibility to discuss the end of life plan with the woman's next of kin, who is her husband. Her husband demands that you do not inform the woman of the fatality of her injuries. The couple is of a culture which dictates that the man of the family is responsible for all familial decisions. What do you do? Where do your responsibilities lie?



I will finalize the groups / partners by tomorrow afternoon (check the google doc link in the last email i sent) . if you have any questions or comments please email me. Excited to chat with some of you soon!

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Just a reminder.. add your group from the list and then we can begin group chats and since a few people sent me msgs that they can not make it I wanted to get things started and seeing who actually came before making groups of 2.


please add me on skype: Sebriz

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Hey! Im sorry but the group is full for now. Eventually I will get rid of all the inactive people and make room for new people. I think that most benifit can come from a group of 10 active members rather then say 30 of people who are on and off.


I will let you know if some spots open up.

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We meet monday nights at


9:30 EST -- Toronto

8:30 CST – Saskatoon, Winnipeg

7:30 MST - Calgary, Edmonton

6:30 PST -Vancouver


and we have a bit over 20 members.




Thanks for the link, very good articles on there!! :)



I will have tommorow's questions up in a little while.

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Here are the discussions for Monday January 23,


9:30 EST -- Toronto

8:30 CST – Saskatoon, Winnipeg

7:30 MST - Calgary, Edmonton

6:30 PST –Vancouver


If you haven’t checked your emails please check them as I have sent some information out. Please remember to add me on skype and let me know you were present for the meeting.


Topic 1 – Group Chat Discussion: (20 min)

(please watch the first 8:50 minutes of this video)



Here are some ideas but don’t only rely on these.. just discuss the video and how you felt about it.


These children have nothing left in the world and are addicted to solvents. If you were a Dr. sent there to help them, what would you do for them? What do you think it would take to get these children off of the glue? How did you feel watching the young mothers giving their toddlers the bottles? Do you feel that solvent addictions are different in Kenya vs. Canada? Maybe discuss societal implications for both countries.



Topic 2 – Skype 1:1 webcam/mic chat (15 min)




Harper has said that provinces will not be getting any more funds then those that have already been committed in the health care budget (other than a 6% increase of GDP per year for 3 years). What are the implications of this? Do you feel that the federal government is justified in this but wanting to increase the funding and amount of jails in Canada? If you were Prime Minister what would you do about the health care budget? Do you feel that provinces should be left alone to control their own spending or should the federal government monitor it?


Topic 3 -- Skype 1:1 webcam/mic chat (15 min)


An insurance company that many of your patients use has recently changed their coverage plans. They have stopped covering some preventative care, and are instead covering more remedial treatments. For example, instead for paying for bi-annual health exams and EKGs for heart patients, they in turn provide more coverage for a bi-pass surgery. Should you support their new policy? How will it affect your patients?

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