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Hugeee MCAT prep Material! New and Cheap!


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Hi all,

I recently got enrolled in George Washington and no longer need my MCAT prep material. I have paid a lot of money for them - as i got them new - however, i just want to open some space in my library - therefore i significantly reduced the price, since i understand many students are not able to afford quality (like new) MCAT materials. Please see below! :)


1. A Set of Examkrackers MCAT Prep Books


A set of the Examkrackers MCAT Prep books:



1. 1001 Questions in Biology

2. 1001 Questions in Physics

3. 1001 Questions in Organic Chemistry

4. MCAT Physics Review

5. MCAT Verbal Reasoning


The books are in excellent condition – very little writing and no highlights.


Apart from the last book which is 6th edition – the rest of the books are 7th edition.


price: $40!



2. The Gold Standard DVD MCAT Prep (NEW) + Book (842 pgs)


The Gold Standard DVD MCAT Prep


These DVDs DVD set is $250 + tax and S/H, however I am selling my set for $140. I will also toss in the Gold Standard review of MCAT (Like new - no highlights or writings) – 842 pages of exam reviews! For free as it is taking space in my library (paid $70 for it). The Gold Standard website WILL NOT include the massive book mentioned above. The DVDs are the 2007 version and almost exactly like the new version. The difference is that the 2011 DVD sells for $75 each, so you would be paying $300 for the same topics!! DVD market is exactly like textbook market - they alter the table of content and present the same topics in different order - and in order to justify the purchase (and increase the price) the publishers add a couple of new problems and examples to the DVDs.


My friends had purchased the same DVD sets but since we studied in groups - I almost never had to use my set. The DVDs played an important role in helping me get into George Washington and i hope they help you too :-).

The General Chemistry and Physics DVDs are Brand new and in their original packaging.


The Biology and Organic Chemistry DVDs are like new and are in excellent condition.





3. The Princeton Review self-study pack for MCAT test


2009 The Princeton Review self-study pack for the MCAT test - EXCELLENT CONDITION - material same as newest edition


INCLUDES (6 items):


MATERIAL REVIEW BOOKS (includes strategies to tackling problems)


-PHYSICAL sciences review (physics and chemistry)

-BIOLOGICAL sciences review (biology and organic chemistry)

-VERBAL and WRITING review (verbal reasoning and essay prompts writing)




-Verbal Workbook (full practise passages and tests)

-In Class Compendium (passages students do in class if they take prep course)

-Science Review and SOLUTIONS



All come with fully detailed solutions for each question!!!


** Very little writing and no highlights (one of the books "verbal book" has a very small highlight spotting at the top of page at the end of book - not on the text but at the very top due to missing highlight lid inside my bag!




Class WORTH ~ $ 1900


- you will have enough practice, structured schedule to study on your own and do great!


my price: $140



4. MCAT Kaplan set + Application Guide and Verbal reasoning Mastery


MCAT Kaplan set - part of the full set that you would get if you enrol for their MCAT course ($2000.00 course). The books are 2007 edition but similar to the most recent edition and much lower price. The books have some writings on them with very very little/ no highlights ( I checked them three times to make sure they have no highlights and I did not find anything ). I am also going to toss in the MCAT verbal reasoning mastery (2008-2009 edition) and The Medical School Application Guide – CANADA- (2011-2012) for free – as they are taking space in my library. These books helped me get into George Washington and I hope they help you as well.


Comes with:


1. Biological Science Review Notes

2. Physical Science Review Notes

3. MCAT Lesson Book

4. Verbal Reasoning Strategy and Practice

5. Bonus: MCAT Verbal Reasoning Mastery (Ivyhall Review) - Brand New ($40 value)

6. Bonus: The Medical School Application Guide Canada – Become a Medical Student In Canada (2011-2012) – Like new ($20 value) - no writings or highlights - recommended by Admission departments across Canada.


My price: $45




You could save money by buying all of the above! and perhaps helping me make some room in my library!!!


I am willing to sell you everything for $350!!!! i honestly DO NOT beleive you will be able to find a better deal for the above books ( and specially DVDs) - I paid almost a $1800!! for the above material! and majority of them are like new!


- using my collection - i was able to get into George Washington! Let me know if you have any questions!


Cheers! and good luck studying!!

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