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Cote R 30.000 by ILoveHabs


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Hi, I just got my cote R. I got a 30, and I'm disappointed. Is it possible to bring it up to a 33.666 or near there...I mean, is it still possible to get into premed??!!

It was my first session, so I still have 2 left before applying to med school.

If I put very much effort, would it be possible to get 35 or more two sessions in a row.


Yes it is still possible to get a R-score of ~34, but it won't be easy. You will need ~36 in the next two sessions. You will have to work harder and study more! And if you don't get in now, you can always get a degree and try again. Good luck!


There are a couple of threads exactly to this one, especially in the general quebec discussion area.


Bottom line is, yes its possible. However is it likely? maybe not.

Do your best, and what ever will be will be. There is always applying after your undergraduate as an option.


Best of wishes


And you will be able to apply during 1st yr undergrad at one or more med schools depending where you select for undergrad.


See my PM in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

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