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Hey all!


Interview invites are fast approaching and us medical students at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine, will be hosting mock interviews for those who received interview invites. THIS IS STUDENT RUN AND IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE FACULTY. This is a tradition that first year medical students do. It will be a traditional style interview (not MMI) and the panel consists of 3 medical students. The interview format is a 40 min mock interview and 20 min feedbacks from the medical students (1 hour long). Sign ups will start soon! The tentative interview dates are below:


Mock interview dates/times

Saturday, Feb. 11th 12-6pm

Sunday, Feb. 12th 12-6pm

Wednesday Feb.22 1-4pm

Saturday, Feb 25th 12-6pm

Sunday Feb.26th 12-6pm


Monday, Feb 27 1-4pm

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Would anyone with a spot on the 25th or 26th be willing to switch with me? I have a slot on Monday the 27th from 1-2pm. I would be forever grateful, as it will save me many hours of extra driving and stress. Please message me if you are interested in switching. Thanks :)

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