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Hello all,


Just trying to get a sense of the experience necessary to apply to the program at UOT etc.


I am aware that this when it comes to clinical experience, here is a listing of duties that qualify:

Prescribed diagnostic tests and/or lab services

Conducted diagnostic tests and/or lab services

Applied casts and splints

Sutured wounds

Counselled patients in preventative care

Therapy - Physical

Therapy - Radiation

Therapy - Occupational

Therapy - Respiratory

Therapy - Massage

Therapy - Sports

Therapy - Chiropractic

Emergency/critical care

Other - Please Specify


However - I am wondering if my experience as a Research Assistant and Coordinator at the Center for Hip Health and Mobility and the Falls Prevention Clinic count as "other". Where exactly is the line drawn?


I experience direct patient contact (with both long term care home citizens and community dwelling senior citizens) and perform research based (MMSE, MOCA, PPA etc) physical and cognitive examinations on a daily basis. I also help provide exercise therapy in the form of walking and resistance training to different patient groups.


I am wondering because the primary basis of this patient contact is research based, if this is still considered as health care experience, for the purpose of the application?



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