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Purpose of Voiding?


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It doesn't make sense to void if you're planning on only applying to an Ontario schools, since I believe they take your best score. Previous MCAT scores shouldn't have an impact on your Canadian medical application, as far as I know.


If you plan on applying to American schools you should definitely consider voiding if you feel you aren't ready. There are some schools which weight the average of multiple MCAT attempts should you require it.


Keep in mind American schools don't judge multiple attempts too harshly if you improved greatly on subsequent tests. For example if you have two scores of 25 and then 33, the adcoms will look favourably at the improvement you've made. However, 22, 24, 25, 27, 30 - probably wont look very good to any American med school.


Every school in the states has their own policy on admissions regarding the MCAT, all you have to do is head to their website to see how they weight multiple MCAT scores.

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I don't suggest voiding unless something happened to you before or during the test that severely impacted your performance.


Edit: I agree with Field87ven. This is accurate information.


In fact, let me quote my response to this question the last time you asked it.


You've asked this question before.


American schools will look at all of your MCAT scores. If you went from a 25 to a 32 without any other intermediate scores in between, they're not going to hold it against you. That is a tremendous level of improvement.


On the other hand, if you wrote it several times with limited improvement (ie. 25,26,28,30) then they will start to scratch their heads.


PS. 25 is not the worst case ever, that would be a 3 ;)

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Oh yeah. I know, I asked about how they treat low scores. This time I was wondering about what are examples of good/wise reasons to void on the MCAT.




Yeah, I guess we were focusing on your second question. I'll answer your main question more specifically.


Good reasons to void:


Bad breakup the night before

Sick during the test

Didn't finish a section (obviously more than just one question)


Bad reasons to void:


It "felt" like you did poorly. Don't trust your gut (we're all pissed off after the MCAT)

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