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Please read first: PM101 Forum Rules


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This forum is a useful resource for many because of the great people who participate in discussions posted. Everyone is here to help each other, and to make it into (and through and beyond) medical school. In order to optimize the usefulness of the forums we ask that you follow some simple guidelines and to respect the following:



1) Professional behavior and positive contributions


This is a pre/health professional forum and professional behavior and treatment of other users is expected. While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate insulting posts or personal attacks. Insulting, racist, sexist, etc remarks have no place on these forums. Offenders should be reported to the mods and they will be warned and/or banned if necessary. Treat all within the pm101 community with respect.


All threads and posts must be written with the intention of being helpful and providing meaningful content. Any purposeful attempts to post misleading advice will not be tolerated.


2) Trolls will be considered trespassers


Trolling is misuse of PM101 forums in a fashion which interrupts forum activity and intentionally violates our site policies. Beware, trolling interferes with operation of our nonprofit site. Those who troll are trespassing on our network. We reserve the right to take any and all legal and technical remedies to prevent trolling and spamming of our forums. If you come upon a guest that is clearly trolling, report their post to a moderator.


3) Search before starting a new thread


PM101 has been around for years. Chances are, someone has already asked the same question you may have. In order to keep the forums efficient for our users please search for an answer to any questions you may have prior to asking in a new thread.


4) No multiple posts


Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. Don’t cross-post on the forums. Just post once. Posting a question or comment in multiple forums is annoying to other guests.


5) Nothing illegal is allowed


Discussion of activities which are illegal in Canada will not be tolerated. This includes activities such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed. Any threads/posts of these types will be deleted and the original poster banned.


6) If you start a thread or make an account it is permanent


Once you've posted on the site or made an account, it’s there forever. We do not delete threads or accounts except in extreme cases. Even if we do remove a thread/account that you may regret posting, everything which is deleted is permanently cataloged and available to the moderators.


7) Post in the correct sub-forum


Users are expected to contribute to the threads and discussions in the appropriate sub-forum. There are social threads and even an entire forum at the "lounge" for posting random thoughts or unrelated content.


8) No posing


Claiming to be someone or something that you’re not is inappropriate and unethical. Those guests found to be misrepresenting themselves will be banned.


9) No multiple accounts


Just use one account. Multiple accounts are at risk of being banned and future registration blocked at the discretion of the moderators. Note, your registration information is visible to the moderators who can easily identify users using multiple accounts.


10) Keep your signature reasonable


Your signature should not contain more than your name and other associated identifying information. The design of the signature should not interfere with the ease of viewing any threads. If your signature is not approved by the mods you will be asked to change it.


11) Privacy and anonymity


PM101 forums are followed by students, doctors, schools and professional organizations. Many provide and ask for advice because of the anonymous nature of the forums. How much personal information you reveal about yourself is your choice. However, don’t post or use real names of other users or individuals. Additionally, members are not permitted to solicit personally identifiable information from other members. Any identifiable patient information posted on these public forums is a gross ethical breach and will not be tolerated.


12) Advertising Services


We do not allow people to post threads or to send private messages or emails to users here that advertise any products or services which require payment. Exceptions can be granted by the discretion of the moderators, please PM a moderator before you make such a posting. If you use PM101 for advertising without consent, we will permanently block your product's from the site and consider you trespassing on our network. Postings within the "classified ads" sub-forum are except from this rule if the service/product advertised is of direct relevance to the PM101 community. Moderators screen such posts and will delete those deemed non-relevant at their discretion.




A consistent pattern of not fulfilling basic expectations listed above will result in action, up to and including banning from the site in accordance with the Terms of Service which all members agree to at the time of registration.


Moderators reserve the right to edit and delete posts and ban users at their discretion. If you have any questions regarding the forum rules please contact one of the moderators

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