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Decent Places To Eat Nearby Roger Guindon?

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Do you have a car? 


I would recommend going to the 3 Sister Bakeshop on Kilborn Ave (in a tiny little strip mall in a neighbourhood) and get one of the sandwiches... chicken and cranberry was soo good for $5 and pick up a crinkle cookie!

It's about as close as anything to RGN but still would take 5 minutes to drive, about 30 minutes to walk.


As far as mall fast food options in the area


1) Trainyards on industrial rd. (25 minute walk, 5 minute drive)

- 5 Guys burger and fries

- Mucho Burrito

- Subway

- Wendy's/Tim Hortons

- Starbucks

- McDonald's in the walmart

- Local grocery store Farmboy has lot of good prepared food and sitting area to eat


2) The shopping centre at Smyth and St. Laurent (30 minute walk roughly)

- Poutine, Pizza Pizza, Starbucks, Mr Sub, Extreme Pita (really good)


3) In the hospitals, there are 2 cafeterias, tim hortons, williams.


And on alta vista - a subway/tim hortons, on St. Laurent almost all burger/fast food places.

You'd have to go further to get to the interesting places downtown/Elgin/Glebe

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