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3.5 is what percentage...?

Guest bcdentalgirl

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Guest bcdentalgirl

Hi all,

I can't figure out what a 3.5 GPA tranlates to on a percentage scale. The OMSAS website converts 3.3 and 3.7 but not 3.5. Mcgill requires 3.5, so how do you figure it out? Sorry if this is redundant, I have been combing the archives but no dice. Thanks in advance.


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Guest medicator007

Bad Hombre is on the money,


McGill uses the CGPA scale to rate GPA's.... u can see the formula on the website.. essentially each grade you got in a course is converted to a score (4.0, 3.7, ...etc) each score is multiplied by the credit weight for the course and then all courses are added up and divided by the total number of credits attempted to determine the overall CGPA.


Hope this helps and feel free to email me if you have any further questions



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