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Old Books Vs. New Books


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I would like to have your opinion on the differences between the content and presentation/passage type between the prep books for the old MCAT and those for the new MCAT. More specifically, I just ordered a used 8th version (the last one for the old MCAT, I think) of physics Examkrackers for 5x cheaper than the new. Considering that I have a background in engineering, I just wanted a very quick refresh of the important concepts, and I figured that the version didn't matter much. 


I ordered the new Berkeley Review for biology, chemistry and biochemistry along with the new Princeton for sociology and psychology because this is where I'm lacking the most.


Does it seem like a reasonable choice?

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So, for those interested, I received the Examkrackers physics 8th edition and to be honest, I'm convinced that it's enough to prepare, especially if you have a good physics background. If nothing else, the 80 pages of questions and anwsers are clearly worth the 10$ the book costs.

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