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Hospitalists! Could You Please Answer A Few Questions For Me?


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Can anyone speak to the lifestyle, work satisfaction, compensation of FM-trained hospitalists?

  • Did your FM residency train you well enough to work comfortably as a hospitalist?
  • How many hours per week do you work?
  • Do you have an on/off schedule (e.g. 1 week on 1 week off)?
  • What's your compensation like? In BC, hospitalists earn $150/hr (full-time is 1690 hours/year).
  • Do you work solely as a hospitalist, or do you also work in a clinic during your non-hospitalist time?



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At my residency site the hospitalists are insanely overworked, and they are having a tough time recruiting new ones (one of the hospital NP's was working a shift the other day because they were so short staffed).  I frequently see them after their shift is over on the wards because they have not been able to see all their patients yet (shift is 8-6).  About 85% are FM's and 15% IM physicians.  Their are a few that solely work in the hospital, most do a combination.  The IM docs just take extra shifts to supplement their income.  The insane ones work clinic, then overnight hospitalist, then back to their clinic the next day.  Residency wasn't busy enough for them.  

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1) it depends on individual and exposure they got in residency. I personally feel very comfortable doing hospitalist after residency. Lot of my co residents feel the same


2) Works hours are generally 8-5  with on call coverage.


3) your schedule depends on your site and local group. I know of places where they to 1 week M-S at time with 7 days on call. Some other places they do M-F 8-5 with rotating night time and weekend coverage.


4) Compensation is usually between 10k-15k for 1 week at a time including on call bonus


5) some choose to do walk in clinic or ED shift . that is more common with M-F work model.

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