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How To Get Interviews At U Of A?

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Hi gradschooldream,


Anecdotally, it seems that the UofC and the UofA differ a little in terms of the type of people they accept. The UofC has, on average, older students with lower (but still very high) average GPAs (mean 3.83 last year) and perhaps more ECs + more life experience (considering the top 10). UofA students seem to be younger, but more academically competitive, with higher GPAs (mean 3.88 last year) and likely more research and academic leadership experience.


In terms of improving your odds of getting an interview there... I suppose that keeping on working on your ECs is always a good idea. Don't just do one-day volunteer gigs here and there, as the admissions people of most universities will likely see this as you wanting to get into med and not actually trying to help some cause that matters to you. If you are still finishing your UG, do an honours thesis, try to get an NSERC USRA opportunity during summer, keep your grades high and mighty. If you need to apply again next year (let's hope you don't, but it may happen to all of us applicants :P) and you don't get in again despite having good grades and a sound amount of ECs, perhaps it is the academic-related stuff that is lacking. Consider, in this case, going onto doing a thesis-based masters perhaps.


Something to consider, however. The UofA will be doing Casper tests now. They will also require applicants to have a full degree when applying. Their system seems to be slowly changing away from pure academics and trying to increasingly incorporate non-cognitive skills and subjective assessments. Who knows, maybe your unchanged application could get you through next year because of Casper? * I do not recommend not improving your application throughout an entire year.  You really should be evolving with the time that will be given to you if you are not accepted this year!


Hope this helps.

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