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Tough, but not impossible. The fact that you're a medical student means that you likely have at least one faculty member in your department of interest that knows somebody in NYC, either in a personal or professional capacity. If you've gotten to know said faculty member, then they might be able to recommend you for a position.


Otherwise, it's just cold-calling and pure luck. As has already been said in this thread, you can send 100 emails and get nothing. Remember that surgical research, particularly in the US, and very particularly in desirable regions such as NYC, already have innumerable US medical students falling over themselves to get a position. One more word of advice is that "summer research" is difficult, because most medical students will be doing research year-round, and its often difficult to realize a project over a few months.


If it doesn't have to be NYC, look up other centres where there are surgeons performing research in your field of interest. If they don't respond to your emails, then maybe email the administrative assistant/coordinator of the program as they're usually better at responding and facilitating these types of arrangements.


In any case, I would browse the SDN forums and see what their experiences are.

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