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Taking A Gap Year Question

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this website and this is my very first post here. 

I would just like to ask if anyone has taken a Gap year before they applied to Medical School (more specifically but not limited to, the University of Manitoba).


I'm currently a sophomore student and my GPA is not very strong at the moment and I have yet to take the MCAT but I figured that I could just do it during my Gap year if I do decide to take it. I know that they (the UofM) do adjusted gpa but even if my gpa is adjusted, I am really not confident that it will be competitive enough... In fact, I think that by the time I graduate, I might just reach the bare minimum required.  :(

I plan on taking two years off just so I can work, volunteer more, improve my CV and also help out my parents a bit. I really want to work on a hospital during my gap years with really any responsibility. I really am not picky.


What is the average age for people who goes to medical school and start their journey? I understand that it varies from school to school but I'm just really curious and kinda just want a rough "guess-timate"


And does anyone have any suggestions and advice on what else I should so during my gap year to help me stand out a little bit more?  :confused:

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you all and Have a great day!  :)

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