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Anyone Had All 3 References Contacted? What Happened?

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When they contact all 3 references, does that mean that something's wrong with the first 2 references they contacted? How many people have all 3 refs contacted every year?


Just curious because there's some people here who talk about it.

Although they request 3 references, they rarely contact all 3. Last year according to the Dean of admissions, 8 people had their 3rd reference contacted. I personally know individuals who have been accepted after 3 of their references were contacted, as well as individuals accepted with only one reference contacted. They usually do this when they weren't able to get exactly what they were looking for, due to an out of the scope supervisory position your reference may have held. I dont think its anything to be worried about, but they also do contact third reference if they find something shady in the first two. At this point you cant do anything but wait. 

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