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Clinical assessment program (CAP) for IMGs?


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Hi there, I have recently learned that starting in 2017, there will be a "Clinical Assessment Program" for all IMG applicants for UBC, which will be a one day, mandatory evaluation. Something similar to an OSCE I have heard. It is pretty clear on UBC's website that "completion of this standardized assessment is mandatory for all IMGs applying to UBC residency positions for CaRMS 2018". 

Four questions for all of you!

1. Does anyone else know anything about this CAP OSCE?

2. Do I have to do it on that specific day?

3. Does this extra hurdle mean that it is going to be even harder for an IMG (Canadian studying abroad) to get back into BC (family medicine is my interest)?

4. It also says on that website that "UBC will double the number of CAP positions from 100 to 200 per year, with 50 per cent of all CAP positions designated for B.C. residents. In 2017, UBC will also be revising CAP eligibility requirements to allow for international medical students who are in their final year, as well as IMGs who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents to apply for a CAP position." In regards to that, I just don't understand how an IMG can also be a BC resident??? To be an IMG you have to be living overseas!

Thanks for your advice!

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