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Importance of prereq GPA after interview


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I have a very low pre-req GPA (slightly under 3.0), and although the rest of my GPA is high enough along with the rest of my application so that I think I still have a chance to get an interview, I'm wondering if the pre-req GPA itself will necessarily doom me for the post-interview ranking if I'm lucky enough to get there. I know it's supposed to be 20% of the consideration post-interview, which I feel is not much, but the website says "Applicants with a PrereqGPA below 3.0 or with an MCAT below 27 are rarely considered". Will my application essentially get thrown out because of my pre-req GPA, unless I rank like in the top 20 for interview performance? Does anyone who has been in such a position mind to share his/her experience with this? Thanks!

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