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Getting destroyed in 2290

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently getting destroyed in Bio 2290 (methods). 

I work very hard in this course and keep up with all the tasks that I have to do. However, the marking is so subjective and arbitrary that I get fucked on every quiz and can't ever get anything above an 80.

I don't know what to do because I feel like I'm going to get a 75 or something in this course.

What should I do? Any way to improve my performance in this course?

Thank you.

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What unit are you in? All of them are 90+able but I agree it is a stupid course; see if you can get a lab book from someone who took the course last year. Submit early for the G unit bonus marks, and make sure you have a good group for Kraj and don't lose stupid marks like a group member not asking questions during the final presentation. Ask around about the exam and know the resource manual inside and out.

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