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Hi everyone!

I recently received an offer to both U of T and another medical school in Canada, and it looks like I will take the other offer. However, I would still like to spend at least one summer in Toronto doing research. I was wondering how difficult it usually is for visiting medical students to find a paid research opportunity over the summer. 

Additionally, I was wondering what the main sites and avenues were for medical students looking for summer research. It looks like the CREMS program is only for U of T medical students, and many of the programs here seem to be geared towards undergraduate students. https://medicine.utoronto.ca/research/summer-student-program-information

Are medical students encouraged to apply to these programs as well? Where do many medical students end up going if they are interested in research? Would love to hear some experiences! 

(Also, does CAMH take medical students for research? I couldn’t figure out for sure via their website). 


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So CREMS - that is a program focused on matching researcher to UG med student at UofT. There are about 40 positions per year, across the 1st-2nd year cohorts. They have some funding, which means usually 5K for 10+ weeks of work. Also, there is a requirement to submit and present the work in at least one conference. These projects are usually free for all with some interview process, but some of them could be designated to a specific student as per previous relationship.

There are other research opportunities at UofT, as research is a big thing in Toronto. This could be your independent research arising from the Health Science Research course in 2nd year, and advocacy research from your Health in the Community course in 1st or 2nd year, as well as other research of your interest. If there is something Toronto is not missing - its PIs. The only type of research that would be limited to summer is wet lab, and therefore if you are interested in that, you have to figure out a site, a PI and a project in advanced. Some of them are CREMS, and some are not.

Regarding the need for research? Well that depends on you. Are you interested in it? Are you doing it just for the CV? Is it "required" in order to be a good CARMS candidate for your specialty of choice? In general, if you hate research, and your specialty looks for candidates who have a lot of research background... you might have to rethink your residency program choice.

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