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  1. An interesting perspective from Andre Picard; "For years, governments have urged physicians to incorporate, and even provided tips on how to maximize their tax savings with measures such as income sprinkling. They’ve touted this approach as an alternative to fee hikes. (And doctors can’t hike their fees to cover new tax hits.) It is unfair to now claw back these benefits. It is also disingenuous – scurrilous even – to paint physicians as wealthy tax cheats exploiting “loopholes." Link: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/ottawas-new-tax-measures-unfairly-target-many-doctors/artic
  2. Hey catchlynall! Are you in the facebook group? A fellow classmate identified the same discrepancy and clarified it with admissions. The Hippocratic Oath ceremony is on the 27th and the first official day of classes is on the 28th! The tentative Med-1 schedule is posted on the group!
  3. Personally, I had a lot of fun with these essays! While I'm definitely not an expert at the Med admissions process I was accepted this year so maybe I'm on the right track... Because you have so little space to articulate a response the best advice I could give would be to reflect and give specific and concise answers. Oh, and to have fun with it! The first question is a great opportunity for you to share with the admissions office a little bit about yourself, including all the quirky things that make you, well you! The point is not to summarize your CV in 3000 characters or less. Th
  4. From my understanding, the five year rule is related to when the activity was completed. Therefore the activity would absolutely be included if you had finished it only 3 years prior to admission. When in doubt contact the administration! Do not leave out your awesome experiences unless you're totally sure it doesn't qualify! Good luck!
  5. Hi catchlynall! Dal's "Don't panic guide" offers a sample budget that I found to be super helpful in starting to think about Medical School and finances Check out pages 53-57! I hope this helps! https://medicine.dal.ca/content/dam/dalhousie/pdf/faculty/medicine/departments/core-units/admissions/dont-panic-guide2016-1a.pdf
  6. For those waitlisted PEI students I just wanted to let you know there will be a spot opening up for one of you soon as I've decided to decline MUNs offer and accept the offer from Dalhousie! Best of Luck
  7. While I didn't receive an email either, I've heard that many of the administrative processes and background checks happen at random! If not, I would agree with neuro9 that at this stage it could only be a good thing
  8. Hopefully Dr., From what has been posted from other years it appears that interview invites are sent out over a period of about a week. So not to fret if you don't receive one right away!
  9. Just received my email as well. PEI applicant! Good luck to everyone!
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