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The CURE to MCAT Pains


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Hey Guys. Last summer I got my dream score on the MCAT, and I know the struggle of studying all too well.

For me, it was the back pains from sitting for extended periods of time that REALLY killed me. Luckily, a friend recommended me some natural pain oil (I was super skeptical at first) but it was UNREAL. It really held down my pains during those 7 hour exams. For any fellow brothers and sisters that suffer from aches and pains from sitting (I'm a pretty active person), this is your cure!! Thankfully I found the Amazon link if anyone is interested:


Hopefully this is my tiny way to contribute to premed101 :)

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1 hour ago, SunAndMoon said:

yeah guys totally recommend this - it also cured my hepatitis and helped me find true love!

Fantastic, already placed my order. One caveat I would edit in OP, you gotta dilute the bottle before you use it. A few million fold dilution should do the trick. Plus you only have to buy 1 bottle and can share it forever!

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