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McMaster Health Science 2019 Admissions// HELP

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Heyy all,

I am currently going into grade 12 this September, and am looking to apply to McMaster Health Sciences. I know it's very competitive and I probably won't get in. But might as well take a shot at it right? I am really confused on what the supplementary application is, and was wondering if any of you guys could help? Like is it written in third person or first? How formal does it have to be? Thanks in advance :)

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This is like super early so just take a few deep breaths first. I got in this May and I get it, I was in your shoes a couple months ago (oops, I didn't start the application until a week before, so don't fret), and I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can. You can write it whatever way you want, and even as a poem or a speech. All up to you. It can also be as formal as you want or not. I've read accepted applications of all types, I think they just want to see someone with something meaningful to say about themselves. 
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You can always switch into any program you want. I wanted Life Sci, but I didn't work hard enough. So I got in for Soc Sci, and am now in Life Sci. For you I would just apply for a backup program, but once you're in, anythings possible if you work hard. 

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