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wGPA rounding?

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2 hours ago, plsletmebeadoctor said:

Does Ottawa round the wGPA to 2 decimal places (ex: a 3.926 is rounded to a 3.93) or 3 decimal places (ex: a 3.9266 becomes a 3.927)? 


of course they can change things at any time but historically yes! they do round. 

and there are people believe it or not where that was actually critical 


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1 hour ago, m_jacob_45 said:

I’ve been told they round to 3 decimal places 

maybe they changed it - when was that?

Considering the GPA is comprised of 30-40 courses give or take, and the GPA scale is at one decimal place you can see why rounding out too far starts getting a bit silly. Well at least in my opinion

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