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1 verifier contacted

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Have you checked with all your verifiers, including employers and non-academic verifiers?  When was your 1 verifier contacted?  Also, if you've checked with all your verifiers, did you ask them to also check the spam/junk folder?

If there has been truly 1 verifier contacted, that's okay.  How they choose verifiers is completely unknown to us.  I wouldn't stress about it.  If there is anything adcom is uncertain about, I think they will contact you personally (e.g. if they've tried to contact a verifier multiple times with no success, they'll ask you to update their contact info).

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43 minutes ago, mermaidblue said:

I also applied to the MD/ Ph.D. program so I am wondering if maybe that's why?

Hmm, maybe.  Perhaps their method of contacting verifiers is different for MD/PhD.

I don't know if this is true... but I think they usually contact an applicant's verifiers all in one day.  For example, I know of 7 so far (2 employers and 5 non-academic verifiers) who've all been contacted on Monday, October 15th.  So, maybe for MD/PhD they do it over a span of time?

Last thing that comes to mind:  Are your verifiers significant?  For example, did you include their institutional email?  A few of my verifiers have both a UBC email and a Gmail, but of course I used their UBC emails.  If you haven't, I strongly recommend you update their contact emails on your application.

If you've done all you can, then there isn't much you can do.  Don't worry – believe me, you're fine.  Like I said, adcom will contact you if there is an issue.

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