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Personal experience on applying for OT program...thoughts?

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Hi there, 

I'm wondering if people here could share with me some of their experiences in applying to UBC, or any other OT program in Canada. After a few years of considering whether or not to pursue OT, I've finally decided to attempt to apply. My only barrier that I know I'll be up against is 1.) my GPA, and 2.) the fact that I've been out of school for about 6 years now, so my academic references will be challenging to get. Also, after reading some of the topics here in the forum, it's made me feel a little discouraged with regards to the success rate of getting into this program. I also have not completed the CASPer test yet, and am trying to figure out how to prep for that...

Anyone else going through the same experience? thanks...


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Honestly, as harsh as this may sound, my best advice is to try and be realistic with yourself. I applied last year with a false sense of confidence and was quite upset when I was rejected from both schools that I applied for, but after some self-reflection, it isn't all that surprising. With how competitive admissions are your GPA has to be well above what schools consider their minimum to apply. As for the academic references, I believe there are exceptions at some schools for requiring academic references if you've been out of school for so many years. Although I would definitely double check this information! If you end up needing academic references try setting up face-to-face meetings with profs you've had a few classes with, it may help jog their memory. The CASPer test can't really be studied for per se, but there are some resources available online to read over that may be helpful. I've found really good threads on a website that starts with "R" and sounds like "flebbit" (the actual word was deleted) that had some great information! Also, if you're specifically interested in OT at UBC don't forget about the min. 70 hours of volunteer experience that they require!

The whole application process can seem very intimidating, but if you're really passionate about pursuing OT as a career then it's worth a shot! :) Good luck! 

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Thanks for your advice :) 


I am very passionate about it, but at this point in my career, it does seem hard going back to school after 6 years of working. I also have so much experience already that the volunteer hours won't be an issue; however  I think it's more of a 'personal dilemma,' in the sense that this all feels very difficult to achieve... 

best of luck to you too! 

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You are definitely not alone in this! I am in pretty much the exact same boat as you, as I've been out of school for 5 years.  UBC is I feel one of the most daunting schools to apply for as their competitive GPA is so high and they require the 2 academic references, which as you said, can be hard to get this far out of school.  I managed to solidify one, but am still working on getting that second academic reference.  I'm planning on taking CASPer on their December testing date as I don't want to leave it to January and be stressing about the deadlines in addition to having to write the test.  As was said above, I don't think one can really super prepare for CASPer, but it's definitely worth being familiar with the structure of the test and knowing what to expect from it.  They have lots of resources on their website and FAQ sections to look over.  As someone living in BC, I also just find it frustrating that there is only UBC and UofA out west to apply to.  Not that I would be opposed to be going out east, but I'd definitely prefer to stay out here if possible. 

Anyways, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone :)  

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