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Which specialties have good job prospects?

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In general it depends on how reliant you are on hospital resources. 


For instance it’s not that cardiology or GI has bad job prospects - you can easily setup your own clinic and do your own ECHOS and stress tests or a scope clinic. However if you wanted hospital privelleges for these specialities it’s hard to find. 


Some specialites need hospital privileges (ie - ICU, nephro, surgery) and these are hard jobs to get. Others are more optional (ie - cardio, GI, GIM, radiology) as you can either work in a hospital or a clinic. The hospital jobs here are harder to get (and usually more desired too). 


Depends a lot on how important hospital privileges are to you. 

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4 hours ago, hamham said:

If you apply that logic in life, everything is debatable man. Get real. Everything is relative and FM is doing relatively well compared to the others.

Yes definitely anyone in medicine is doing great compared to others.  

I've met more than a few recent FM grads who are a bit disillusioned by city based practices, definitely FM is still doing great no doubt, but i think some people have overexaggerated expectations etc. Thats all. Hence why i said it depends on how you want your practice to be.  

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